Tuesday, 17 June 2014


So it was about time I got my act together and made a section on my website allowing you ladies to shop my look, apologies it took me so long! But I finally got the job done and you guys can now shop my entire look directly on our website under a new section 'My Look'. Seems pretty self explanatory right?

Anyway today I am keeping it casual because I am full time mum to my man Harper today. This means clothes I can bend down in with out exposing my bits to the world, dark colours so that I don't end up with Vegemite stains and flat boots (yes I did say I would never give up my heels not even for a baby but here we are).

Shop my jumpsuit here:

Love Danielle

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


The Olsen twins have had it going on since they popped out of their mumma back in 1986. Full House saw some ripping trends such as the matching sets (in their case quadruplet sets), loud hair accessories and frill socks worn with patent flats. It only occurred to me recently when stalking them (we all do it) that a lot of their early outfits are trending in current time. When I dug a little deeper I figured out that pretty much they have dictated my outfits since before I even knew that tartan was not just reserved for my school uniform. 

Thank you MK and Ashely!

Man-style aka dressing like a boy... boyfriend blazers, baggy denims, wide leg pants, brogues... you get the gist.

Tea-shades.... although they may have stole this from Lennon. I will let them fight it out later.

Tying around the waist.... if you are not aware of this trend just read any blog. (I am guilty of this trend... what can I say, its practical and gives me a little cinchy cinch!


Matching sets.... pineapples, stripes, spots, cats.... you name it, its got a matching set right now!

Another one i'm quite partial too... rolling sleeves. And on that note... TATTOO'S!